Local Auto Body Shop Experts

Auto body repair is a common issue on older vehicles. Dents or scratches can wear away paint and expose metal to the elements. Living in a snowy environment can also increase the possibility for rust damage, as road salt and other ice removal accelerants can cause rust damage overtime.

Here are some tips to restore your auto body like new condition:

1. Inspect the vehicle’s surface carefully. If you have a vintage car, you might consider going over all surfaces of the vehicle with a fine-tooth comb. Rust does not always materialize as dark-red discoloration.

Rather, what should you look for are small bubbles in the painted surface of the vehicle. If such bubbles are present it is likely that rust is hiding underneath.

2. Rust removal. Auto body rust repair is almost always best left to the professionals. However, if you have some auto repair experience and the area of corrosion is no bigger than four inches in diameter, then it may be possible to remove the rust yourself.

3. Additional sanding. Once the rust has been removed, it is recommended that you sand the area with successively finer grit size. Once sanded finely, tack cloth is recommended for removing any metal or dirt debris.

4. Priming and Painting. Three to four light coats of self-etching primer are recommended for auto body rust repair jobs. Prior to priming, block off the surrounding body paint by using newspaper and masking tape. After five or six coats, leave the paint to dry overnight, then come back and remove the newspaper and masking tape. A wash and wax may be helpful once the repair is completed.

On the other hand, if you get involved in an accident and your vehicle is damaged, you need an auto body repair. It is a comprehensive process of restoring your vehicle to its original shape when damaged in an accident such as collision and most fender benders.

If you need an auto body repair for your vehicle restoration, the following are some of the coverage:

  • Matching the original paint of the damaged part
  • Matching the shape and contour of the part like panels and trims
  • Bending the frames to its original alignment when necessary
  • Restoring all original electrical, electronics and mechanical functions of the vehicle
  • Restoring all the safety features of the vehicle to its original standards

During collision, a lot of vehicles will undergo intermittent wiring problems that are sometimes difficult to find during an auto body repair. This requires sending the vehicle to the dealer who can then perform a thorough inspection of the wiring using the latest engine repair software and diagnostic equipment.